Haiku Friday, Vol. II

It’s time for the second installment of Haiku Friday:

Swollen uncle is
Suffering from side effects
Swollen brother, not

All comments must be posted in Haiku form (if you don’t remember the rules, click here).


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11 responses to “Haiku Friday, Vol. II

  1. descksoon

    Stomach virus beat
    After two days under sheets
    Iron Man awaits

    You saw Iron Man?
    Was that movie any good?
    Super-hero’d out

  2. Friday much better
    Than Monday could ever be
    Tuesday just plain lame

    Wednesday is hump day
    Some would argue that that makes
    Wednesday best of all

  3. Red

    Glad Im not swollen
    For I have beaten the bloat
    Will return in June.

    June is almost here
    After June will be July
    This one is real dumb

  4. Haiku Friday two
    Now I will make my debut
    I hope folk don’t boo 😛

    That was very good
    You even rhymed, and you should
    If only they would

  5. New commenter
    Stopping by to say “hello,
    Nice place you got here.”

    Thanks! You almost had it…

  6. Damn. I meant “A new commenter.” My first haiku and I blew it on the first line!

    First impressions are everything.

  7. If Matt gets too big
    swelling like a big balloon,
    stick a pin in him.

    (sorry Matt… 😀 )

    Don’t say “sorry Matt”
    He deserves to get pin prick
    He likes it, even

  8. descksoon

    Iron Man was great
    So was Sex and the City
    Kung Fu Panda rocked

    Forgetting Sarah
    A funny movie

  9. jesseybean

    I just came across
    Your post now, and though, his name
    is Smell my Finger

    I’m glad you are here
    But I have to be honest
    That was a bad one

  10. My sis was pregnant,
    kid fingers bellybutton,
    ‘Eww, baby stinks, baby stinks!’

    You almost had it. Almost.

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